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A planning experience tailored to your needs

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Customizable landing pages

Create and share landing pages that reflect your organization's branding.

Upload cover images

Include all your social links & hashtags

Customize your post'n URL

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Multiple tabs in one kit

Not all campaigns are centered around one event.


That's why we've created the ability to create multiple tabs for campaigns with multiple tentpole moments.

Download and copy captions

  With post'n, your clients can easily download media, copy related captions to clipboard, and post instantly.

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One page for all
social, email, and
additional assets

Don't send clients on a scavenger hunt through emails, Google Docs, Google Drive, Dropbox, and everything in between.

With post'n you can create ready-to-go social posts, link previews to emails, and include any other additional content needed to effectively communicate across necessary channels.

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Calendar integration

Tired of reminding clients when to post? Us too.


With one-click, your clients can add the post'n date to their calendar making it easy for them to be reminded when it's time to post.

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Mark when posted

No more scrambling to remember when a deliverable has been posted.


We've made it easy to take count with a  simple "mark as posted" button to click when a post has been completed.

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